Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lanyard Land!

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Over the years, how has lanyard affect people’s daily living? Lanyards in America has evolved from being a mere item consisting of a woven cloth or nylon strap and metal clasp that hold a referee’s whistle or the maintenance person’s set of keys to an in-demand item that hold people’s precious modern day contraptions such as mobile phones, digital cameras and identification cards. Lanyards in the United States are plenty and numerous and nearly every person owns one.
So what exactly is a lanyard? A lanyard comes from the French word “laniere” which translates to “strap”. Lanyards are commonly worn around the neck but in recent times, it manufacturers have made lanyards that are shorter in length in order to fit around the wrist and there are some that are specially designed to be attached to a belt or a purse. It’s a pretty common sight to see women carrying lanyards in New York attached to their handbags or see lanyards in California hooked to men’s belts.
The ever growing popularity of lanyards has swept over the nation. The moniker Lanyard world has crept into the society and practically everyone possesses one. Lanyard in the USA is growing in popularity and the various ways of harnessing its usefulness are rapidly unraveling by itself. Kids carry around their handheld gaming consoles secured from accidentally falling to the ground by a wrist lanyard. Teenagers can be seen walking around with their mobile phones hanging around their neck through a lanyard. Office workers and people in the industrial and health sectors wear their identification cards and badges around their neck with a lanyard that bears the company’s logo and color. It frees them from having to pin these items onto their clothing, giving them freedom from creases and wrinkles in their clothing. In addition, lanyards have given people the freedom to carry around things that one tends to forget such as house keys and small things that are commonly misplaced such as flash disks and pens.
It is indeed worthy to note that the value of lanyards is indispensable. Because people see this as a worthy item to have, a booming business of custom-made lanyards are growing. Personalized or customized lanyards are being offered as promotional giveaways to customers. It benefits companies in two aspects. First: it serves as a token of appreciation for their customers’ patronage and, second: it acts as a walking free advertisement for the company. Companies see lanyards as a very good way to promote themselves because of its popularity and functionality.
Lanyards have managed to grow from its humble beginnings as a simple and almost overlooked item in the past into an essential and popular accessory of the modern times. Nowadays, it is pretty common to see a person wearing a lanyard. It has managed to mark its functionality into peoples’ daily routine. It is seen around people’s necks, around their wrists and even inside their purses and around their waists. A lanyard is truly an indispensable item for the contemporary lifestyle.

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