Thursday, June 9, 2011

K-pop Phenomenon

I remember hearing the first K-pop music on radio. I remember it was from this really popular K-pop girl group Wonder Girls and the song was "Nobody". I was like, okay I don't understand a word they're singing. Even though I had no comprehension of the lyrics, the beat was catchy and it kept replaying over and over in my head. Pretty soon, I was searching for the English translation of the song on the internet. I was a bit shy to admit I liked the song because my friends thought it was kind of silly to like K-pop music since first of all, we don't understand what the song's all about and second, it was quite an off-beat thing which no one would dare admit they were interested in.

For a while, I had kept my growing interest on K-pop under wraps. I didn't openly admit it to my friends but I was downloading K-pop songs and adding them to my iPod. I started watching K-pop videos on YouTube and soon after that, I was humming K-pop songs.

And my interest in K-pop branched out to other Korean Idol groups too. Super Junior, a really popular boyband from Korea also sparked my interest and I had gotten completely captivated by their songs. And I have to admit, those guys are really good looking too. No wonder they got my attention (hahaha).

So it's official; I have been swept away by K-pop. Finally I admitted it to everyone: I listen and enjoy K-pop music. Whatever people thought or said about my newfound interest didn't bother me anymore.

I guess time and age has a way of freeing you from the stereotypes and from conformity. People have different interests, some may be bizaare, out of the ordinary, but that's what's great and profoundly endearing about individuals: we all have our own unique preferences.

If you aren't familiar with the K-pop group that had gotten me into K-pop, here is the video of the song Nobody by the Wonder Girls.

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