Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Little Orange Furball

Early this year, I noticed a heavily pregnant mother cat hanging around our house. Her belly was so hug she could hardly fit in between the gate rails and she walked a little funny because of her condition, so I knew she would give birth anytime soon. I felt a tug on my heartstrings and since I loved cats I fed her whenever I see her. She stayed over our house since she was being fed and given water, and one rainy night in March, I heard faint meows which could only mean one thing: kittens!

Mommy Cat gave birth to four adorable kittens. However, only one (the strongest, the alpha, among the litter) survived. Pretty sad... The three died due to eye infection because it was raining during the time they were born and I guess that aggravated the infection. I tried my best to help the kittens however, Mommy Cat was very wary of me, and I didn't want her to abandon her surviving kitten because I touched them.

The last surviving kitten also suffered eye infection. I couldn't bear to watch this one die, so I intervened. Everyday, I wiped its eyes with warm saline solution to cleanse it, wiped it dry and applied an antibiotic ointment to ward off the infection. I did it while Mommy Cat was away and was careful and quick enough to do the procedure so as not to pass on too much of my scent towards the kitten. After days of playing "cat-and-mouse" with Mommy Cat, the infection abated, and the kitten got better.

Because I played vet/nurse to this kitten, it's no wonder why it has endeared itself to me. I named him, Orin because of his orange fur. He has the most adorable look in his eyes. He's very playful and affectionate.When he was old enough to eat solid foods, I fed him because I wanted him to get healthy so as not to get stricken with illness or infection again. I fed him rice mixed with meat and he loves it. And he has quite an appetite! He demands to be fed from time to time, and when he wants to eat, he makes it very clear to me. He would brush his body on my leg, signaling that he wants to eat and sometimes when I'm preparing his meal, he would lightly nudge my ankles with his paws, as if telling me to hurry up.

My sister often tells me that I have spoiled this kitten, catering to almost all of his whims. She tells me that whenever Orin looks up to me with that look in his eye, then role reversal occurs: Orin becomes the master, and I am the pet. Because of this, Orin would sometimes act really naughty. He would be very demanding at times, crying loudly outside my window so I would let him in the house. Once he's inside the house, he can be quite a handful because he would run around the house, climb on top of furniture and gnaw on the doormat. Luckily, he hasn't knocked down any of the vases and ceramics yet because this would really annoy my sister.

Despite Orin's mischief, everyone in the house adores him. There's something about pets that always adds happiness to a home. And Orin... I am so thankful that he came into our lives, especially in my life. Now, I feel less stressed and have this new sense of calm and contentment within me. Whenever I have to leave for work, I would see him sitting at the chair outside the house, looking at me. And when I get home from work, just like a puppy, he would greet me, though not as enthusiastically as a puppy would but I could tell he's very happy to see me.

I guess Orin is my little angel. A tiny, orange furball sent by God to give me joy as I reinvent my life.

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Carrymel said... cute :) I'm usually not a fan of cats (at all) lol but i'm glad Orin makes you happy.

ChiChi81 said...

Hi Carry! Yeah, he makes me really happy with his mischief and his antics lol