Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Weekend Report

Over the weekend, there had been quite a few events that has changed, improved, inspired and saddened me. I shall start off with three cheerful events before I end it with a grim one.

First off: I was out with the family yesterday to hear mass and after we had lunch, we went shopping for a router and I found this adorable mouse!

 It's a Logitech Optical Mouse with a unique tiger-print design. As you may have noticed, I have quite a penchant for felines, and when I saw this on the computer shop, I just could not peel my eyes off it, and being the geek that I am, I just had to have it. So, here I am, writing this post and when I look to my right, I am enjoying the sight of my latest gadget indulgence. ;D Plus, our house is finally wired, so, yaay! What a joyful Sunday indeed.

Chicken Adobo With Hard-Boiled Egg
ala Wi
Second: I had finally cooked my very first (yes, you read it right, my very first) Filipino dish. My sister was there to guide me in my first attempt to cook this dish, so I am very grateful to her. I am so happy I have a sister who is so encouraging and dedicated in teaching me how to cook Filipino dishes. Honestly, I can't cook. Probably because my mom and my sister are good cooks, so I didn't bother to try cooking since there are two people who can cook better than me. I can cook fried rice (probably the only dish I mastered to cook besides cooking rice haha ;p) but no, I can't cook viands. Since I'm not getting any younger, and part of My 30 List is to get married before I hit 35, then hmm... I figured it's high time I learn how to cook. Besides, if I were to move to another country (which is also part of my 30 List), I would have to fend for myself and part of that is feeding me with food that I am accustomed to. So hence, I am taking the first step. And the best part of it all, I nailed it! My Chicken Adobo was a hit with my family. They loved it! At first, I thought that it was too sour because I added quite a hefty volume of vinegar to it, but I was able to stabilize it by adding sugar, and thus, the sauce was just the perfect blend of salty, sour and sweet! Yosh! ;D

Third: Yesterday was exactly one year since Soe and I first dated. So I guess this is our anniversary? Haha it's just a bit sad that he and I aren't physically together during this very special day. But oh well... That's life. And I chose to hold on to our relationship despite the distance, so I need to accept it. We had texted each other that day, and well... that should suffice. If everything goes well with my visa application to Australia, he and I will be back in each others arms again soon. So until then, I need to hold on and wait. Please, please, pray that I get an approval. I really miss him badly. Haha ;p

Lastly: Over the weekend, Amy Winehouse passed away. It saddened me because she had one of the best voices I've ever heard. One of her songs had touched me, and had helped me go through some tough times. Her songs were soulful, tongue-in-cheek, but you could feel the raw emotion in each of her songs. However, her personal life was spiralling downward, a train-wreck waiting to happen.  And this weekend, it did. Substance abuse and alcohol claimed the life, silenced the soulful voice, and put an end to her talent. She had her struggles, she had her own demons to battle, and in the end, I guess it all depends on a person's conviction to triumph over life's tribulations over succumbing to them and dealing with your problems in a self-destructive manner. No one, not even I, are in no position to judge her. We all have our weaknesses, but I reckon, she had put her life and her talent in vain. Her music will live on, and I hope she is finally at peace.

So that's about it, my dear readers. These are the things that shaped my whole weekend. How was yours? I'd love to hear about your weekends as well.

Have a nice day!


Carrymel said...

I love that mouse! If my Mac actually used one I'd want one like it. . .maybe with Hello Kitty whiskers lol.

Good job cooking! Looks like you're racking up on "wifey points". You'll be married in no time! ;] lol

& my weekend was very uneventful. I just went home. . .hung out in my no AC'd house. Big whoop haha

Ask Erena said...

It is such a sad news about Amy Winehouse... She was so talented.. Plus another death at age of 27.. She will be remembered..
Ask Erena

Chari T said...

Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xx

Tarah said...

I think You have such a cute blog, so I followed! How was your Chicken Adobo with hard boiled egg? I fixed something with Chicken Adobo yesterday. I was so upset to hear about Amy Winehouse, I absolutely love her soulful voice. Btw, cute tiger mouse.
Cute blog, son't be a stranger!

Always T,



Miss Kwong said...

RIP Amy!

Follow me on:
Miss Kwong

ChiChi81 said...

@CarryMel: haha hoping to rack up more "wifey points" in the future and make myself more marketable haha. Oh what a nice idea, I should be on the look-out for a Hello Kitty mouse lol. And about your weekend, after the drama you faced last week with that horrible woman, maybe an uneventful weekend for some R&R was called for haha.

@Ask Erena: yes, she's such a loss to the music industry...

@Chari T: Thanks, this mouse was such a great find ;D

@Tara: Thank you, I'm glad you like my blog, I feel honoured. The Chicken Adobo was a hit with my family. They loved it, and I was so relieved I pulled it off on my first attempt.

@ Miss Kwong: I totally agree with you.

ARIO ACHDA said...

hahaha, love the mouse! it's so neon! it'd be cooler if it glows in the dark! :p

Andrea Marie said...

That mouse is so adorable! And congrats on making your first Filipino dish! I'm ashamed to say that I, being filipina, don't really know how to cook our dishes. I've been wanting to learn, but a lot of the ones I like are complicated! haha

Amy Winehouse's death is so sad and upsetting. She's so talented. I hope she's able to find peace now.

Overall my weekend was alright. Nothing too specal happened. I've been staying at my parents place because we have relatives over for a few weeks. I love family reunions!

xo andrea marie


Ask Erena said...

Thank you dear for your comments.. Following you on Blogloving..
Ask Erena

Erika Lucia said...

Love your blog, and especially the post about your 30 list. I´m a follower now, too!



B.Inspired said...

Are we seriously sisters on a parallel universe? I am 30 as well, I cannot cook to save my life. My mom is a fabulous cook so that is probably why I have never learned. I also LOVE animal print..Leopard is my favorite! Congratulations on the anniversary and I'll love Amy Forever! Hope you'll stop by bravoe runway! Maybe even follow each other too!

Catherine said...

No prob! Thanks for the comment back!
I'm pretty sure they have applications in the spring for the Vogue Influencer program so I'll let you know :)


The Cat Hag said...

This is a fabulous post!

Are you migrating to Australia? What would happen to your wonderful thrift shop then? :|

The Cat Hag
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Catherine said...

No prob! Thanks for the comment back!
I'm pretty sure they have applications in the spring for the Vogue Influencer program so I'll let you know :)