Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Paying It Forward

Yesterday when I checked my blog, I received a comment on my post. Nhya gave me a link on her post, in which she gave out awards to the blogs she's been following. I was so thrilled to learn that she gave me not just one, but two awards. *yaay

I promised I would comply with the conditions upon receiving an award when I have time to actually sit in front of my laptop and write. So here it goes...

For receiving the Best Blog and One Lovely Blog Award I have to......

Share 7 Random Things About Myself:

1. I am a leftie.
2. I can't swim. (eeks >.<")
3. I sleep only on my left side. (errr... leftie! hahaha)
4. I am sooo addicted to anime. (Rurouni Kenshin is my all-time fave)
5. During a scary scene in an Asian horror horror movie, or any horror movie, I would cover my eyes with my hands but peek through the gaps on my fingers.... (pretty weird huh? lol)
6. I played Harvest Moon on my Playstation, Gameboy, laptop, pc, nearly on all consoles the game was released! (I know... anime, harvest moon, Asian horror movie... I am such a geek hahaha)
7. I am a pack rat, much to the annoyance of my room mate a.k.a. my sister (to hold on or to let go.... such a dilemma haha)

Pass the Award to 15 Bloggers:

1. - you're on my top list not cuz I'm returning the favor but you truly deserve this hun <3
2. - her post about her holiday to Sydney brought back so much memories of my own trip to Sydney... 
3. - one of the first blogs I followed. do check out the photos of her works of art

4. - love your photos, and your outfit! keep it rockin' hun!
5. - the name of her blog always brings a smile to my face ;)

11. - one of the blogs I enjoyed following. He hasn't written for a while now, I hope he's ok. Even though he hasn't posted in a while, he still deserves this award ;)

Answer the Following Questions:

Fav. Color: Red <3
Fav. Song: Make A Wish by Vic Zhou (It's in Mandarin Chinese, which I don't speak by the way... but  thanks to Google, I have the English Translation of the lyrics woots! ^^ .)
Fav. Dessert: Blueberry Cheesecake
Biggest Pet Peeve: When someone reads over my shoulder and stops me from turning the page (ugh...)
When You are Upset, You: fume, fume, fume... I am very grumpy when I'm very upset >.<"
Fav. Pet: Cat  (kind of a give away really... I blogged about my Orin a few weeks ago lol)
Black or White: Both! mix and match 'em, then you got yourself a stunning outfit
Biggest Fear: Losing my loved ones...
Best Feature: My eyes
Everyday Attitude: Be thankful of what I have, instead of being bitter about the things I don't have. Though I admit, I backslide every now and then, but I'm working really hard on it ;)
What is Perfection: My last night in Rockhampton with Soe. Now that was perfect ;)
Guilty Pleasure: K-pop haha

And most importantly..... Thank the person who gave it to me and link back to them:

Marami'ng Salamat, Nhya (That's "thank you" in Filipino ^^). If you haven't read her blog, I highly recommend you do. I just loove how she writes, it's like having a face-to-face conversation with her. Her writing style is hip, funny, very entertaining and downright real! I love her posts, and she's such a sweetie ;)


Carrymel said...

Awww Chiiii you're such a sweetie! Thanks for all of your kind words! I just wuv you! lol *hugs*

So I totally can't swim either and even though I love horror movies I always close my eyes during them! lol Blueberry cheesecake sounds delicious. . .I wish I could have some or find it in New York, actually. & I didn't even think about this but I hate when people read over my shoulder, too! It's so annoying -.-

thanks for completing this, hun!

Leigh said...

congrats on the awards!!!!!!! that is awesome! and i hate when people read over my shoulder too!

Haze said...

Thanks so much for the award hun. I am so flattered :))


Gloria said...

Thank you chichi for the award.I accept it and am flattered. I'm a leftie too. Thanks again and thx for stopping by my blog.

The Cat Hag said...

Congrats in the awards babe, hehe had to go so many entries back to find one I had not commented on! ;)

Hope you had a good weekend. ♥

The Cat Hag

mwan said...

hey there check out my blog,, follow it if u like it, ill do the same if u like :)