Saturday, August 27, 2011

Paying it Forward: Deux

I am doing two posts instead of one today because it's going to be quite a hectic, long weekend for me haha. Monday and Tuesday are holidays in my country and a dear friend of mine, Aissa, is going to visit me for a brief vacation and I have a whole bunch of activities lined up for us already. I won't be able to give you guys your dose of single girl's musings so I'm doing a double combo today.

This is the first post, written mainly as to receive two accolades from my dear readers who I follow as well.

The first one is from Yoli of Vanilla and Cookies Cupcake. She gave me these awards:


Muchos Gracias, my dear! 

I do not speak Spanish, but thanks to my le geek ways, I was able to translate these to English. The first one's "Your Blog is Heavenly" and the second is "Your Heart is My Prize"

And for this, I have to pass the awards to the blogs to my set of dear readers:

The second given by Lizzie of A Little Bit of Pixie Dust. She gave me: 

I have received this award before (thanks, CarryMel!) and to avoid redundancy, I'll just post a link of my Seven Random Things About Myself post and the Questionnaire.

Also, I must link this award back to the one who gave this to me, so to my dear readers, do check out ~A Little Bit of Pixie Dust~ by Lizzie.  She's a very sweet gal who blogs about fashion, K-pop, K-fashion and some highlights of her personal life.

And for this, I nominate these 15 lovely bloggers for the One Lovely Blog Award:

Again, thank you so much, Yoli and Lizzie for these awards. I am truly filled with joy and feel quite honoured that you two bestowed me with these awards. Luv ya both ♥ ♥ ♥.


Fashionistable said...

2 well deserved awards. We have a long weekend here too. Enjoy. Xxxx

Blackswan said...

Wow, congrats! Thks for the award, Wi! I'm most flattered :) Enjoy your precious time with your friend!

Amanda Nguyen said...

hey love....
thanks so much for the 2 awards!! I'm such a noob....but how exactly do I go about "picking" up my awards? just post about it......or link back to your post?


Peiyinn said...

Congratulation for you award! :D

Nepzie said...

Thank you so much ChiChi !! tons of love for this ... :D ... take care !
Have a lovely weekend !

Mikimoto Angel said...

Thanks for the award, dear! I appreciate it. Thanks for tagging me twice in your lovely blog. :-)

Jen said...

Congratulations on your awards and thank you so much for passing one on to me. That is so sweet of you. <3


Aly Henshall said...

Thanks for the nomination and well done in getting your two awards! Also I really have appreciated all of your lovely comments on my blog :) Aly xxx

Lizzy said...

You're welcome ^^ I had to definitely nominate you for the award. You have such amazing posts and thank you so much for leaving long and lovely comments on my blog :D It puts a smile on my face to read your comments and blogposts ^^

Thank you for the awards!! :D I will post the award post now. Also my haul post will probably be posted most likely tomorrow, I hope to do it soon and keep my word :)

Luving you lots too!

Carrymel said...

I'm so very late but thank you so much for the award! Loves it :) They're all customized. . .I've never seen those before!