Thursday, August 25, 2011

Play The 7 Links Challenge *Thanks, Shirley!*

Tag You're It Comment

I was tagged by one of my favourite bloggers and loyal reader. Shirley of Shirley's Luxury Haven tagged me in her post, Play The 7 Links Challenge, and encouraged me to join in the merriment. I remember the first time I visited her site, I was taken straight to her Savoury Steamed Spare Ribs Recipe post, and without second thoughts, I followed her blog not only because I found a blog that would help me hone my cooking skills (which is at it's noob stage at the moment) but also, she was a sweet lady and interacted with her readers, something that I truly respect and admire.

Thanks for the tag, my dear! And without further ado, here are my 7 Links!

1. The Most Beautiful Post: Celebrations

This is, by far, the most beautiful post I ever did because in this post, I poured out my affection for the most important and dearest person in my life: my Father. And through this post, you were able to catch a glimpse of my family!

2. The Most Popular Post: My 30 List 

According to Blogger's stats page, This one had the most page views of all time. Therefore, by default, this is the most popular *lol*.

3. The Most Controversial Post. The Ghost of the Past: The Case of the Ex

Up to this day, I still cringe out of embarrassment from that post. What on earth got into me that made me write that post??? Hahaha... Oh well, I had to write about him. It's my own way of taking yet another step further away from him.

4. The Most Helpful Post. Yum Yum Ramen

To be honest, I don't really think I have helpful posts *cringes*. Since my blog's theme is freestyle ranting< I hAven't really posted anything helpful at all. This is the ONLY post that was able to impart a new way to prepare an instant Ramen. And that wasn't even the thrust of that post lol. But oh well, I guess it counts as such. Note to self: write something useful in the future.

5. A Post That Was Surprisingly Successful. Humour in Irony

This was totally unexpected. I didn't think you guys would appreciate my sense humour. Yes, those sorts of things amuse me much, and just to make things clear, my inbox messages did NOT reach 10,000. Maybe about 10% of that *hahaha*.

6. A Post That Did Not Get The Attention It Deserves. When You Hit Rock Bottom, There's Nowhere to Go But Up.

This is one of my comeback posts. This one didn't get anyone's attention simply because I had about less than 10 followers, only 1 was still blogging (lol).

7. A Post I Am Most Proud Of. Can Business and Pleasure Ever Mix? Yes It Can ^.~

One of my prehistoric posts. Yes, this is vintage, ladies and gents *haha*. One of the most proudest moments of my life was actually documented by yours truly, and whenever I read this, it never fails to paint a beaming smile on my face. Why? Because this post is about my very first overseas trip ALONE, and it was a huge success.

So now, I have to pass the jewel-encrusted tiara to keep this pageant rolling. This is excruciating since I would tag ALL of you because I treasure each and everyone of you. But, rules are rules, and even though rules are always meant to be broken and by far, I am not exactly the conformist type of person. But I do not wish to irk the ones that started this tagging game. So I'm going to swim with the tide on this one.

In no particular order, I TAG *Insert Drumroll >>Here<<*

I truly enjoyed this tag, it's almost as if I was taking a stroll down memory lane. All those posts meant a lot to me, a reflection of my joys and my sorrows, my triumphs as well as my losses and my overall quirks. If you have the time, please do read up on my old posts (at least, the ones you haven't read yet). I know I'm asking for much, but it's all up to you . Also, I would like to take this opportunity to promote my blog's Facebook Page. Click here to go directly to my page.

To those I have tagged, have fun, my dears. I hope I haven't inconvenienced you in any way. Cheers!


Mikimoto Angel said...

Thanks for tagging me, dear! This is a really fun game! I'd do it as soon as I get my words back from somewhere. I'm lost for words as of the moment. Haha!

Carrymel said...

This is a really cool tagging game! I like :) I have a couple posts myself that would fit into those categories. I know what you mean about a post not getting the attention it deserved - I also had very few followers during the time of what I considered one of my best blogs.

Now I can look through some of your older posts that I hadn't had a chance to see before! Wahoo!

ChiChi81 said...

@Mikimoto Angel: it's no prob, take your time ;)

@CarryMel: by all means, do this post! I wanted to tag you, but I knew you were kinda busy lately, and I didn't wanna burden you more by giving you a writing task >.<

Peiyinn said...

Thanks for your tagging! I'm surprised and happy! Do give me sometime to blog about the award. :D

Bravoe Runway said...

OOooo that was why we played twett-tag today! Ok I'll have to do a post on this ;) I love the last photo of you, and how you successfully went on an overseas trip by yourself (hug)! You look so pretty here :) and happy too!

Fashionistable said...

Great post. I like your round up here. Good to see your journey. Xxxx

Christine Yun said...

What a cute post idea. Thanks for sharing!


Sara said...

Hi dear, thank you so very much for tagging me in your post, you are too sweet, I really appreciate it!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Sarin Aladadi said...

Hey I just stopped by,

I really like all the blogs that you posted here!! And I especially like how your blog it's very light and airy, quite relaxing. Sweet post idea


Blackswan said...

Wi, u're really fast! Hahaha! Thks for the sweet words :) I'll be going thru all your 7 links soon.

Miss Independent said...

really enjoyed reading this, u have some amazing posts!

Dana Paramita said...

getting enjoy read this port chichi! it sounds great games :D

amy b.s. said...

this is so great! love finding your other posts!

samnang said...

Thank for your kindness reading ma post and also tagged me here......

All the best,


Tarah said...

I love this challenge. This was very interesting. Great job!




the nyanzi report said...

i enjoyed this post.

Pop Champagne said...

love these post features. lol my most popular post unfortunately is when I blogged about Snooki in a bikini from Jersey Shore hahahaha

The Cat Hag said...

This is such an interesting post, it sure made me smile! :)

The Cat Hag

Sylar said...

nice post :P

Preity Lama Tamang said...

amazing post!loved reading it

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

I just came across your blog and really enjoyed getting to know you better from your 7 posts! I'm traveling across the U.S. with my husband, so it's fun "meeting" people in blogland! I'm your newest follower, and would love for you to come follow me back!

LDM said...

very nice! it seems good to review what we've done every once in a while.

xx from hong kong :)

Lizzy said...

Coolness! Learned more about ya through this post :D Great post! Congrats on being tagged and thank you so much for you sweet comment, I don't think highly of my photos as much as you do :P Anyway, thank you thank you! P.S I have nominated you for a blog award. Check it out and my blog :)


Sara said...

Thnak you so much, challenge accepted:))))).

Koltunovskaya said...

I adore ramen! It is so tasty, and this one looks just perfect))

Blackswan said...

Hi dear, I'm back to continue reading your 7 links in case I miss out any. Have u encountered any problems posting comments in my 7 links too since I didn't see your comments? I've received some feedback about slow loading etc. Do let me know if u get hiccups too.

Sorry, I'm trying my best to catch up with your posts. Signs of ageing. Hahaha!