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Think Before You Leap: BB Cream

 As I have posted earlier this week, I have been using this BB cream on a trial basis. So far, I am pleased with the results. As promised, here's my musings on BB Cream.

If you're a huge fan of Korean dramas, you would notice how unfairly smooth and supple these Korean actresses' skin are, I swear I feel like hiding in a corner, crying out injustice why my skin cannot even come close to a minute fraction of theirs. At first I thought it's because they have cool crisp weather which helps tighten their pores, their genes (a highly probable cause), their lifestyle and health habits, or their beauty regimen which composes of a battalion of cream, serum, toner, gel, masks etc. But zuhahahaha! I, being the geek that I am, stumbled upon one of their trade secret: BB CREAM!

BB Cream is an all-in-one beauty day cream that has the properties of a foundation, concealer, sunblock,  moisturizer, whitening agent,and anti-ageing too! It never dawned to me that someone can ever create such a multi-tasking product, but hats off to product R&D, someone finally did! Hurray to this multi-tasking cream!

From my "research" in beauty blogs and of course, my most trusted ally, Google search, BB creams were originally brewed in Germany to protect the skin of post-laser surgery patients who are highly vulnerable to skin damage from exposure to sunlight. It was also utilized to help soothe as well as improve their ultra-sensitive skin at the same time, provide coverage for post-laser scar, acne scar and other blemishes. The so-called "secret brew" on aesthetic clinics proved to be so effective that cosmetics companies viewed this to be quite a profitable venture and started producing their own formulation and marketing it to the general public.

BB Creams or Blemish Balm Cream, are quite a rage here in Asia. It has swept us Asian women in a frenzy and although it's quite new here in my country, I can forsee this sweeping our nation sometime soon. And because of my trailblazing tendencies, I stumbled upon this through beauty bloggers and my midnight affairs with E-bay and decided to give it a try.

Skin 79 Hot Pink Super + Bebesh Balm Triple Functions
The one I am currently using boasts of whitening, wrinkle improvement, ultra-violet rays interception SPF25 PA++.  The box says By Adenosine and Artbutin are the key ingredients which are effective in whitening and wrinkle improvement and cultivate more bright and elastic skin. I am not that interested in it's whitening effects because frankly, I do not aim nor will aim to be fairer. I actually love the colour of my skin which is tan all year round, with or without the aid of the sun or a tanning machine. But what interests me the most is its promise of wrinkle improvement (not that I have visible ones but I'm doing this as a pre-emptive strike for future surprises) and sun protection.

Here are some pre-BB and post-BB close-up snaps of my skin and the overall picture. Err... I have ugly skin by the way, so yeah, a forewarning: the close-ups are quite ghastly, pardon the crime-scene photos.

Overall Picture
So what's my take with this beauty product? I am quite happy with it. Not that it has made my skin as quintessential and flawless like my adored Korean actresses, but upon using the cream, I was able to achieve that much-coveted no-make-up" make-up look. I can't say much on coverage, some of my acne marks and blemishes are still visible but it did cover up my bore-hole sized pores. And I have this "glow" after applying the cream. And more importantly, I have SPF to help keep wrinkles at bay. 

It would be unfair if all I did was sing praises to this wonder product. As mentioned by Muse of Musings of a Muse, the problem with BB Creams are its limited shade pallete. Like this one I'm using, it only comes in one shade, which is medium beige. Upon application, my face has this sort of odd-grey undertone, but after a while, it eventually blends with my skin colour. However, there are other brands that offer a variety of shades to choose from, like the one I bought off E-bay that's currently in-transit.

Another is that, because of its promise of a "dewy" look and its moisturising properties, if you have oily skin, then this one will make you shine and gleam like diamonds, in a non-flattering way. But a quick fix would be a few pats of loose powder, and shine be gone! 

And lastly, no matter how a brand claims to be hypo-allergenic, chances are some people will still experience skin breakouts and reaction to it. BB Creams do not make such promises, so there's a possibility a certain brand may work for your friend, but not for you. But if you're really bent on giving BB Creams a go, instead of buying a full-sized tube, try searching for trial sized ones, that way you can do a series of trial-and-error and find the one that suits you.

To end this post, I would like to clarify that I am not doing a product review (lol). Nor am I promoting or discouraging you guys to use BB Cream. It really is up to you. And if you're planning to try it out, please remember the golden rule: do your research. Information is all over the web, search for reviews about the different brands out there, and take your time to find the one that suits your needs. It's better to skim the surface than plunge into the unknown.


Fashionistable said...

I have to say I am very happy you are not using it for its skin whitening properties. I like that we are all made of differing skin tones it is what makes each of us special and unique. How boring would it be if we all looked the same. It looks from your pictures like a good cream though. It appears to have smoothed your skin. Now I would happily have a bit of that. Thank you for your beautiful birthday wishes. Xxxx

Andrea Marie said...

great post!! I also use BB Cream and I love it. I recommend Missha BB Cream as it comes in multiple colors. It seems the brand you are using is working well for you though. Your skin looks great in your After picture :)

xo andrea marie

Sylar said...

very interesting :P

Quay Po Cooks said...

It is very nice of you to take time to share your experience with the product you use:D I am sure your readers will benefit from it. You are a pretty girl!

MEOW said...

ive been using bb cream for maybe a year now.. and im really loving it~ i envy those korean drama girls with the flawless skin too!!! it makes me wonder if its maybe the food they eat too that gives them such nice skin! but i do notice a difference in my skin after putting on bb cream... and of course all those properties it claims to do for me is all fake :P but while its on my face... my skin does look a lot better and prettier :)

Bravoe Runway said...

This is a fantastic post and I think you did a great review on this product. I can't imagine a 'dewy' effect created by this foundation if you have oily'd be seriously greasy city! I've never heard of this cream but the next time I go with my Mom to an Asian grocery store, I'll have to see if they have BB cream!

the nyanzi report said...

fantastic review.

Miss Kwong said...

thanks for the post. thanks for sharing! u are very pretty my dear ;)

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Lizzy said...

BB Creams are awesome :D I'm so in to BB Creams lately :) You look flawless in your picture :)


Peiyinn said...

Wow! The BB cream is great! I saw it at my place too. The skin changed to smooth and less scar too. :D

Silkybow said...

BB creams are good :) I have a Missha one as well.
This one looks like it suits your face type a lot :)

Jessica said...

Thanks for your comment :)

Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

Alba M said...

You did a great review on the product! Very helpful

Ask Erena said...

That BB cream sounds interesting. Thank you for sharing.
Ask Erena

Ask Erena said...

Cool dress! Awesome shoes! Thank you for your lovely comments. I am your new follower. Would be great if you follow me back:-)
Davaite drugit:-)
Ask Erena

Miss Independent said...

great to hear that the BB cream turned out well for u! u look amazing!

LDM said...

every brand has a bb cream now but i duno why i'm still not that into it. i still prefer my MAC foundations!

xx from hong kong :)

amy b.s. said...

i may have to add this to my list of products i need to try!

La Professionnelle said...

Your blog is the only place I've heard of BB creams before. Although I am thinking it will not be good for me I am thankful for your review!

xoxo said...

Great post! When I was in Korea a few months ago, I saw BB creams everywhere! No wonder Korean girls have such perfect complexions!
style and musings of a LA fashion lawyer

Chari T said...

Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

Dana Paramita said...

hello my dear!
i left you an award on my blog ;)

rach. said...

always do your research. amen, sister.

love, rach.

MEOW said...

hey thanks for the award!! :) ur so sweet~ ^_^
im finally done moving! and im back at home~ WOO HOO! packing and unpacking is a lot of work! hahaha super tiring!! finally get to rest a few days before my job starts~ :P
i hope ur having a good week so far! :)

Taj Acosta said...

Dear you have gorgeous skin! great post about BB cream. xo -Taj

Ask Erena said...

Hello dear!
I have an award for you! Please visit my blog.
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L M ♥ la mode said...

I like this post.... check me out, I have a new post

FashionableAsians said...

I love BB creams too because it makes my skin less 'red' from the acne I have but it's still makeup and you have to remove it thoroughly or it'll clog the pores! I've been using the Super BB and one from Hanskin and I love them!

Bravoe Runway said...

Even though I already commented, I wanted to say Welcome back from your long weekend! Hope to see a post from you soon sis!

The Cat Hag said...

I am so glad you have discovered BB creams, they are fabulous and I adore mine endlessly.

Everytime I use it, my friends, even guys notice it and would comment on my 'glow'. :)

The Cat Hag
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