Friday, September 30, 2011

Awards, Caving in to Impulse and Rain....

The title pretty much sums up my day. So I'll keep it at that.

HAHA! Just kidding, like I could shy away from yapping *lol* Today pretty much have been another long day for me. Haven't had days like this in a while so I'm quite pleased with it, at least my life isn't on mono. 

First off... I received an award from Bun Bun of Buttons & Bunnies! Thank you so much, girl! This is my blog's 8th award, yay! It's such an honour and beyond flattering when you guys actually read my blog and even more awesome when it receives recognition and distinctions from you guys. 

To everyone who haven't come across Buttons & Bunnies, do check out that blog. She is one lovely beauty blogger who does great make-up reviews and hosts awesome cosmetics giveaways.  

Rules Are: 
Thank and link the person who awarded you (done)
Write 7 random things about yourself
Spread the love to 15 other bloggers

As for the 7 random things.... I think you guys pretty much know most about me but what the heck, I'll throw in some other random facts about moi:

* I drive a manual SUV, been driving for about 10+ years now. And yes, I'm very gosu with the stick (no pun intended).
*I have huge feet despite my vertical deficit >.<" In China size, I'm a 40, 8.5 in US Size (cringes
*I played a ruthless thief on an online game I used to play, Silkroad Online. At one point I was in the top 25 Thief Rank. Other players hated me and the FUNNY PART, they never knew they were getting their butts kicked by a girl LOL!
*My favourite expression is: yosh!
*When I travel, I'm always mistaken for nearly every South East Asian nationality except my own...
*My hair isn't naturally straight. It's so friggin' wavy, thank goodness for rebonding treatment!
*I'm still afraid of ghosts (seriously)

Now, in no particular order, here are the 15 people I nominate for this award:  *insert drumroll here*

Okay... We're done with the awards, let's go to the next element of my posts' title. I was at the shopping centre earlier because the bank I have an account with is conveniently located WITHIN the shopping centre. And that's a bad thing, because I'm a recovering, yet always back sliding shopaholic. And sigh... when I was on my way out to the parking lot, I saw at the corner of my eye this lovely military-inspired jacket. Despite the warning bells in my head, I went in and tried it on. It looked good, but it was full-priced. Expensive. I was about to leave the shop when I spotted something sparkly at the SALES RACK. *faints*

Originally $25, I got it at $6.8, about 70% off this baby!
Approx $20, marked down to $12
Yes, I'm a very bad girl... I unleashed the beast in me at the time when I need to be saving up! Haiz... but who could resist these... I loved the first dress, mostly because it's on sale *haha* but also because I don't have a "dressy" dress. I don't want to scourge the shops in a frenzy in case an event comes up, so I might as well be prepared. At least all I have to worry then are the shoes to go with the dress. And the gray dress... well it fits me well, and the pockets at the side really sold this one to me plus, I don't have a dress of this cut. Ok, I'll cut it out, enough rationalization of my incessant purchase. See, this is why I love E-bay, when I don't get to try clothes on, they never really have that much power over me. *hahaha*

And for the final element... Rain. Not talking about Bi-Rain ok, I'm talking about a heavy downpour of the by-product of way too many cumulonimbus clouds looming over the horizon. Mmkay, enough geek talk. Man, after I was done with errands at the bank (yeah right... lol), I went straight to the shop to display my new items, did some boring cash and items inventory, bla bla... then at around 6pm, when I look out the window, oh gosh, the sky didn't look so good. It was dark and oh boy, the strong gust of wind was a bit too nippy, suggesting that I should head home, unless I wanna drive with zero visibility (I'm not that gosu). So I rushed home, and I was about halfway home when the first few heavy spatter of rain hit my windshield. The few heavy spatters turned to a lot, a whole lot, then finally zero visibility. It felt like I was driving right through a storm! I am smack right in the middle of something I was trying to escape. 

rain gif Pictures, Images and Photos

I wonder if this was God's way of frowning at my impulsive purchases earlier that day... The good thing was that when I got home, the rain wasn't as heavy as it was when I was driving. So my shoes are saved from being defiled by mud and flood water (thank goodness).

So that's it. This is quite a long post, but I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Happy Thursday! 


Bravoe Runway said...

you should not feel guilty about the shopping trip! Totally ok and I love your new dress Wii! The colour is gorgeous and I think it is better to be ready for an event vs. scrambling to find sthg at the last minute! We've had 6 straight days of rain...we need sun I am about to turn into a vampire!

ChiChi81 said...

@Bravoe Runway: yep, exactly. I hate shopping at the 11th hour for a dress, I end up picking an unflattering one because I am so pressed on time. And lol... turn into a vampire eh? I guess I should call you Bella now haha jk! I have a lousy sense of humour ;p

Fashionistable said...

Another well deserved award. Nice impulse buys. And no God was not raining on you because of your purchases. If god felt that way about us shopping it would be raining allover the world all the time. Xxxx

SassyUptownChic said...

LOL Wi! I can always visualize what you're going through while reading your words. You need to write some books girl. They would be awesome! Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for recognizing me. I'll do a post late tomorrow! I'm so honored. I love your two dresses. You're gonna get a lot of wear out of that sparkly one, watch!!! It's beautiful and was a great price! Always get things when they're at a great price, then you won't have any regrets :D. Glad you got through the storm! No, God is not punishing you. HAHAHA I only like rain, when I'm at home. Again, thanks and wonderful post!
SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

Meagan said...

I really like that second dress with the pockets! and at least you found your impulse buys on the sale rack! and I lovvve heavy rains like that!

Carrymel said...

I looooooove that gold dress so much !! :D And they were both great prices - nice job!

You already know how I feel about you getting that award -- you totally deserved it! Look at you rackin' up the awards, girl ;]

And you're a size 8.5? Listen, I'm a NINE! Now I feel like big foot! lol Your hair is naturally wavy? I'd love to see it sometime!

Marie said...

I love the color and shimmer of the first dress - way to score!

PS - I used to drive a stick shift car...until I moved to the states! Hahahaha

Dirty Pink Cardigan


Silvia ♥ said...

Hi sweety :), love ur gold dress (LLL).
xoxox, :).

margarita ts said...

beautiful dresses!!!

Miss Kwong said...

happy to know abt u! so wht's your nationality??

Follow me on:
Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

Mikimoto Angel said...

I love the white dress! I agree that those pieces you got are just so irresistable. :-)

ShinyPrettyThings said...

congrats on the award bb! & thanks for the shout out <3

oh wow, i hope you are able to avoid the rain!! and i must admit...i thought u were gonna talk about the kpop star LOL who i am obsessed with. XD

Keeping up with E.S.E.M said...



Eden said...

kudos to your blog award, girl! i remember what it was like getting my first award... one of the best feelings ever:)

hope you can drop by my blog and follow me if you like:)


paledivision said...

Haha aw, don't worry!
I impulse buy heaps...
You're not the only guilty one :p

Tarah said...

You got some great deals! I love the champagne colored dress. Congratulations on the award. You deserve it sweetie.

Always, T

Mannequins Dream said...

well done on getting the award! :D Xx

The Baby Talk said...

Hi, your blog is awesome!
Sorry for my late comment.

Thank, for visiting my blog.....
umm, Hope you are well, be happy, healthy, wealthy :D, and succeed in your life.........:D :D :D ....I don't know what to say more....

Ok good luck.....


Pop Champagne said...

thanks for tagging me! I've done this before but I'll see if I can think of 7 more things to share! I would LOVE to have curly hair, sometimes i feel my hair is too flat! the grey dress is really pretty, love the side pockets on it too!

Blackswan said...

Congrats again, Wi! Looks like u're sweeping all the awards. Hahaha!

I've always fancied your good buys. U're such a wise shopper unlike me, who's an impulse buyer. LOL! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sam said...

Congrats on your lovely award! Well deserved :)
Thanks for thinking of me in this post as well.

Have a lovely weekend!

Vee said...

AAAWWWWW THANK YOUUUU that's so sweet to nominate me =) !!!!!! thank you so very much !!!! I'll post about this soon =)

Everyone love a good bargain !! I'm sure God wasnt trying to punish you :p

xxx Vee

Lizzy said...

Wow, another award! :D congrats Wi :D Haha, I'm afraid of ghosts too, I'm most afraid of Egyptian drawings and mummies :P I love your purchases, I think the dresses are worth it, super pretty :D

I need rain! It's so humid and dry in Malaysia. Thanks for sharing! :D