Saturday, September 17, 2011

Korean Idol Featurette: 2NE1

This week's Korean Idol Featurette showcases a girl group who's keen on taking over the world with their edgy sense of fashion and fierce determination to be set apart from the stereotypical girl groups in the K-pop scene.There are so many things I wish to put on this post about this group, but I'm afraid I can't because my post would be excruciatingly painful to read so I'll just skim the surface. Now, is everyone ready for 2NE1???

2NE1 is composed of four unique individuals who are superb singers and dancers. They have been trainees for YG Entertainment for four years before their debut in 2009. These girls aren't your usual teeny-bopper, bubby and cute artists. They are a cut above the rest, with their swag, their pop and lock dance routines, outrageous hairstyles and their eclectic sense of fashion Here's a brief 101 of each 2NE1 member:

 Stage Name: CL ( Lee Chae-rin )
Age: 20
Group Role: Leader, Rapper and Vocals
Fun Fact: CL's father is an educator and before she became a Trainee for YGE, she goes everywhere her father teaches thus she is fluent in Japanese, English and French;
♠ She barely knew any Korean when she went back to S.Korea!
♠ In a radio interview, she disclosed that she used to wear boy's uniform to school because they don't have pants for girls (lol...).

 Stage Name: BOM (Park Bom)
Age: 27
Group Role: Main Vocals
Fun Fact: BOM was a Psychology major in Lesley University but later transferred to Berkeley College of Music in Boston to study Music; 
 plays the piano, flute and cello; 
 she speaks fluent English and Japanese apart from her native tongue; 
♠ she is admired in the K-pop industry for her long legs (which go for miles) and her addiction to corn and bread lol;
She's the most talked about member of 2NE1 to have gone under the knife.

 Stage Name: Dara (Park Sandara)
Age: 26 (will turn 27 on November 12)
Group Role: Vocals
Fun Fact: Dara is loved by many Filipino fans because she debuted as a singer/actress career in the Philippines!
She is the face of Etude House (a Korean Cosmetic brand);
Music runs in their blood as her younger brother is a member of the boyband MBLAQ;
♠ She's a shoeholic (like me haha) but doesn't want to wear them because she doesn't want them to get dirty  lol

♠ Stage Name: Minzy (Gong Minji)
Age: 17
Group Role: Maknae (youngest in the group) Rapper, Vocals
Fun Fact: Her popping and locking dance skills are her signature moves in 2NE1's MV's and performances;
 A huge fan of Usher and B.E.P.and an avid Gundam collector;
 Dancing is her forte since it is in her blood; her grandmother, Gong Ok Jin, is a dancer and an actress.

Although the girls' made waves in the K-pop music scene with their hit "Fire" in 2009, their first single was actually "Lollipop" which is a collaboration with another Kpop male group, Big Bang which was an endorsement song for LG's Cyon phone. It was a massive hit that they actually released the single and was a strong contender in the hit charts, it even hit #1 for four weeks at the M.Net music charts.

 After the success of  "Lollipop" and "Fire", the girls continued to release more songs which were a proven to be chart toppers both in and out of the Korean hit charts. Their second single, "I Don't Care" also released during that year and garnered the same enthusiasm and support of their fans. 2010 proved to be just as successful for them with their hits "Clap Your Hands", "Go Away", "Can't Nobody" (which was released in both Korean and English versions) and "It Hurts". 2011 proved to be just as blessed for these girls as their songs "I Am The Best", "Hate You" and "Ugly" topped major Korean hit charts.

2NE1 for Etude House
Because these girls are bankable stars, it's no surprise that a lot of companies eye them to endorse their products. Etude House singed the girls up to be the face of their esteemed cosmetics line.

Their latest endorsement: Nikon!
Not only cosmetics companies, but designers and clothing brands also would like to dip their hands into the cookie jar with these lovely ladies. The list includes: Jeremy Scott (who seem to be so mesmerized by these bad-ass Kpop divas), Bean Pole and Fila. 
With Jeremy Scott 2010 Style Icon Award (look at CL's dress train lol)
Indeed these girls are a league of their own. They have their own brand of spunk, style and sass yet they remain to be adorable and loved by fans young and old (I'm one of the latter haha). It's not just their sense of fashion, or their hairstyles or the way they dance that capture their audience. If you listen to the lyrics of their songs (in my case, read the translation), you will find most endearing. Take away the electro beats, and you are left with words that inspire listeners to be stronger, bolder and braver to take on whatever challenges life throws ever so randomly.

Are you a fan of 2NE1? Let me know who's your fave among the 4 at the comment box below (^.^)v


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Peiyinn said...

Great post about 2NE1! I listen to their songs. Amazing singers group they are!

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

They look like they could fuck shit up.

Blackswan said...

2NE1, yes, yes, yes! All are my fave. Hahaha! I'm gonna miss all your posts while I'm away. Be sure to drop by my blog if u miss me too much yah? Take care!

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wow 2ne1 is just everywhere on blogsphere nowadays ^^

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Wow, they are so gorgeous.
Love their cuteee faces. :3

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They sure look good and I like their dressing style, esp with the jeans and tops.

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oh girl your words are so touching :'0 thanks a lot!!! you do make me feel better dear <3 keep in touch!

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When I saw the pix of Dara I was like..oooo I think I have a girl crush and then you said you she loves shoes and doesn't wear them bc she is afraid to get them dirty...haha me TOO! This feature is awesome Wii, I am super excited every Sat to read this and I totally think that Minzy would have digged yesterday's boy meets girl outfit yeah?

ChiChi81 said...

@Everyone: I'm glad y'all liked this post :)

@Bessie: I think Minzy would have totally digged and rocked your Boy meets Girl outfit! In fact, all of them would go for it ;)

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I just stumbled across your blog and I absolutely loved this post!!

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The Cat Hag said...

These girls look so pretty!! :)

I have never heard of them (it must be because I am so old and out of it...) and I am so happy to find out bout them on your post.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

The Cat Hag

Anastasios said...

My God, I'm already in love with them! They look so great and I watched and listened to them on youtube!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing dear! A great find :)

Vee said...

My BFF sent my a link of one of their music videos not long ago, I didn't know them at the time !! And I must say I was so very impressed by the way they look and the music is great =) I think they've got such a beautiful and crazy style !!!! I'm gonna watch more of their videos =)

xxx Vee

Lizzy said...

2NE1 :) I'm so excited, I love your KPop featurettes, hope you do more :D My fav member is hands-down, Sandara Park. She looks amazing all the time. Although she may have weird hairstyles at times,but they actually look good on her :D 2NE1 has so many extreme fashions, they have their own unique strong style :D

I love CL's low voice and her awesome English skills. Haven't heard Bom speak in English before :/ My fav songs by 2NE1 are Go Away, I Don't Care and Lollipop. Most of their songs have a really catchy tune ;D


Kim L. said...

Sandara park is my favourite :)

Olga♥ said...

i love 2ne1 :)
my fave song is i am the best :D
dara ♥