Saturday, October 8, 2011

Korean Idol Featurette: Son Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls)

I was really torn as to who I should feature this week (ugh). I wanted to feature my 2nd favorite Super Junior hottie but erm... I decided to forgo that idea. Back-to-back features of two idols from the same group seems kinda lame and I wish to bring more estrogen back to my featurettes after overpowering you with testosterone from last week's post. My gosh, I didn't realize how long that post was 'til I published it. Guess you can totally tell I'm into Kyuhyun, huh? nyahahaha

Moving along now... This week's K-idol is from a female pop group called Brown Eyed Girls (B.E.G). I wish to do a feature of the 4 members but I didn't want to make this a long post like the previous feature, so... my dear readers, let me introduce you to... Son Ga-In.

From the video, "Abracadabra"
Ga-In Quick Facts:
Name: Son Ga-In 
Nickname: Baby G
Position: Vocals
Birthday: September 20, 1987
Trademark Look: Dark and heavy eyeliner
Epic Dance Move: That darn hip-sway on their MV, Abracadabra
Hobbies: Interior Designing, Dance, Watching Movies
Favorite Musician: D-Sound

(L-R): Narsha, Jea, Miryo, Ga-In
I love the Brown Eyed Girls so much. In my opinion, these girls can blackball most of the famous Korean girl groups today. Yet, it's a shame they're not as famous internationally like the bubbly pop girl groups, they're quite underrated when they have more swagger, more talent and boy, all four of them are super hottt! And if you watch the video, Abracadabra, you'll know what I'm talking about. Okay... now back to Ga-In.

Ga-In Ga-in was hand-picked by by the three members after she was eliminated from "Battle Shin Hwa". According to Ga-in, as she was crying in the bathroom after not making the cut, she was found by composer Ahn Jung Hoon. Her elimination turned out to be the best thing that happened to her for she was chosen through that audition to be part of the Brown Eyed Girls.

Ga-In's trademark look, as I mentioned earlier, are her smoldering stares brought about by her dark and heavy eye makeup. I love this look on her, a LOT. Nearly all of her pictures, variety show appearance, and stage performances, she always sports this sort of look. And her hair is always this pixie-short, I swear, I was so tempted to have my long locks chopped and have it styled just like hers.

Just like most of the K-pop Idols, Ga-In dabbled in some variety show and sitcom guest spots as well as dramas, but her longest-running stint was on the show, "We Got Married" along with 2AM member, Jo Kwon in September 2009. The two portrayed a married couple and are the most popular virtual couple of the said show. However, their virtual marriage came to an end after 15 months in January 2011.

And of course, I cannot end this featurette without dishing out some dirt about this idol. In an interview back in 2008, Ga-In sparked everyone's curiosity when she admitted that a younger celebrity asked her out over the phone. However, she had to turn him down as they were both singers, and that would complicate things for them. Everyone was intrigued as to who it was when she mentioned that they would go on stage together for the Star Goldenbell. At first the MC's speculated it was either from Super Junior or Shinhwa but then realized that most of the members of each group were older than Ga-In. The MC then asked her, "Big Bang? G-Dragon?" Ga-In was flabbergasted, covered her face, and said, "Yes." 


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Bravoe Runway said...

OOooo Song Ga-In is GORGEOUS! I want to wear my make-up like that and also sport an outfit like hers! Awesome feature and so sad to hear her marriage ended after only 15 months...well what can you do? That is the celebrity life! Fantastic post as always, and can't wait for next week! HAHAHA! This is instant gratification at its finest!

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Marcela Gmd said...

Beautiful post!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Mannequins Dream said...

omgosh she is sooo pretty! i'm gonna need to check out some their songs! :D Xx

SassyUptownChic said...

Another informative post Wi! I love reading these, because I learn so much. I love that she got something better (career). It really shows that when something doesn't work out, there's always something else for you. You must have faith, trust and BELIEVE. All paths lead somewhere. Sorry, I'm getting philosophical. Just that point in your story really hit me. Have an awesome weekend and talk to you Monday! ((HUG))

Dale said...

I'm so glad you posted this, I haven't heard of these girls. I love their style and how they do their makeup. Great post!

Thanks so much for stopping by too

Silvia ♥ said...

She is so pretty, I'm gonna listen her music :D.

Empress Za Lemore said...

I haven't heard of her but I will definitely be looking her up...thanks so much for sharing.



Natalie Leung said...

these are some really cute korean singers! I know she is old now, but my fave was always BoA hehe ^^


Soo said...

Ga-In is my favorite girl from Brown Eyed Girls. I also agree with you that they are one of the best groups of Kpop. I think her and G-Dragon would've been cute together, I like them both, hehe. ^^

rosecandle11 said...

thanks so much for the comment. i'm no following you:)

love all the korean stuff! most of all big bang omgggggg :))


Jennifer Fabulous said...

They are gorgeous! I love learning about new bands and celebrities. :)

Nava Krishnan said...

I know nuts about Korean stars but do admire them for they look good and amazing.

Btw, your post should be up by tomorrow in blog and thanks for the contribution, appreciate it very much.

Mannequins Dream said...

wow i just watch them perform Abracadabra live and they are fierce! thanks for your comment & i hope i get them too! i asked my mum and she was like £160!..and where are you going to where them?! i replied...EVERYWHERE!! :P Xx

kcomekarolina said...

she's so beautiful!

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Bones said...

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Amanda Nguyen said...

her skin is like so totally flawless. everyone looks so edgy and cool!! great feature!!


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cool post!


Marie said...

Thanks for posting about this group, I will check them out after this.:D

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Pop Champagne said...

wow they're all soo pretty! I've never heard them before, youtubbing them now :D

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Nava Krishnan said...

Hi Wii,
Your post is up on my blog, do check if you are free and you don't mind, I would like to have this one too. She looks so stunning and would like to share on my blog.

Plurielle said...

I'm in love with Korean artists! Yeah!!! ;)
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Miss Kwong said...

this i duno her..... u like korean stars a lot??

u know Kim ah Chong right? (the girl from "200 pounds beauty".) she's my fav korean actress!

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Lizzy said...

Hey Wi :)

Ahh, another Featurette! :) Love Ga-In! She's one of my favorite members in BEG. Her eye-makeup is so strong and smokey, that's probably because of her small eyes. But I like her makeup, it's her trademark and definitely gives her character :) I envy her for a flawless white skin! Haha, and I see you've fallen for Kyuhun :D He's voice is sooooo lovely :D


LDM said...

they're gorgeous! but to be honest they're look is quite generic.

xx from hong kong :)

Bravoe Runway said...

FABULOUS post on Nava K today! I am now 100% crazy about 7...he his HOTTTTT! You did a great job covering his career...some dirt..and of course the pictures were fabulous! I am glad to see you have been invited to guest post, awesome job!

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Sam said...

I always LOOOOOVE reading your posts about these Asian stars! It's so interesting to see how they are different from Western celebrities, but at the same time have a lot in common.

Love! Sam

Erika Lucia said...

Awesome, your post made ma want to look everything up on youtube :)
Your posts are always interesting.


Lorena said...

Lovely photos!

The Cat Hag said...

Wow, she is gorgeous, I love her style and her fabulous trademark eyeliner! :)

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Ask Erena said...

Those girls look so stylish. I like heavy eye liners. Post their video, I am curious to hear them now:-)

hugs from New York,
Ask Erena

Blackswan said...

B.E.G? Ok, ok, I'm lost this time! Great post on this group & will chk them out :) I've a weakness for furs & the pink coat makes me weak. Hahaha!

I'm so proud of u & delighted that Nava is reading your posts now. She has been a follower of my blog for a long time & really glad that she has crossed over. Your Korean posts are drawing a lot of comments. Wow!

Diane said...

i want to check these Beautiful B.E.G. haha
honestly, i dont know know anything about them, but now you made me want to check them in youtube! yay!
Hope all is well with you ^^

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

This post made me realize that I haven't checked K-Pop nor J-Pop videos on YouTube since Ayumi and Hyolee. Haha! Thanks for sharing.
Anyway, we chose the same blog background, perhaps we have similar style, heheheh...

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