Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quick Update

Hello, everyone! Did you miss me? Haha... I've missed you all, and I apologize for my extended, unexplained absence. The reason for my sudden disappearance in the blogsphere is due to my student visa application to Australia. I applied for one back in October and in late November, the embassy was requiring me to submit additional documents thus I could not spare enough time for blogging. It was a hair-raising experience because I truly wanted my visa to be approved. I didn't want to be haphazard with the documentation because if the embassy denies my application, then all would be in vain and I'd be very disheartened. And, thank goodness, things went smoothly after I submitted the additional documents.

So I guess now it's very safe to say that  lady luck has been on my side all along! My application got approved and I am heading back to Australia this January! January 15, to be exact. Finally, all those months of preparation, waiting and sleepless nights has finally turned out to be in my favour after all. I was itching to share this with you guys, right after I lodged my application but I chose not to because I really wanted this to have a positive turn-out and I didn't want to jinx it, yes, I am very Asian and very superstitious.

After I finally got the visa, things went from anxiety-provoking to totally hectic. I had to book my flights, contact the school, make other arrangements and sigh... do some paperwork concerning the transfer of ownership of my shop. I didn't have the heart to close it down just because I'm leaving, so I decided to let my sister take over. I am still a part owner but for legal and tax purposes, we decided that I relinquish proprietorship to her. It's less complicated that way, plus the shop will continue its operations. Ahh... the bitter-sweet aspect of my joyful triumph but, that's life. 

So that's about it, that's the reason for my unexplained and unannounced hiatus. Things are going to be a little hectic, with the Christmas holidays practically knocking on my window and I haven't finished tying up loose ends over here. But yes, I am bound for Australia by January, and that things are going to be very different for me come next year. I'm going to start anew on a foreign land, so wish me luck. I will need all your well wishes and your prayers for the success of this endeavour. And yes, I'm finally going to reunite with Sunshine. Let's hope he and I will be able to pick up where we left off haha :)

Oh... and just a little preview of what I've been up to (apart from getting ready for my big Aussie comeback). This was from a Cosplay-themed Christmas Party I attended last Monday. I chose the anime character Alice the Rabbit of Pandora Hearts. As this is the first time I EVER wore a costume (no kidding), I did the best I could with the hair, costume and make-up.

My Character
I did the best I could ;)
Like the wigs? hahaha
Yes, we went all out on costumes for this Christmas party because...
This is the last X'mas party I'll be celebrating with them for I'm leaving next year ;(
Don't be shocked by the bangs, it's a clip-on wig hahaha! Bessie of Bravoe Runway had a preview of it, as I was trial-running these bangs as my FB profile picture, and she prefers to see me sans the bangs lol. But it's cosplay, and I need to stay true to the character so I had no choice but to wear this blunt-cut wig bangs, oh and the thin braids on the side are wigs too.

I'll be posting some updates soon. I do owe you guys some posts. Will get back at you soon! I miss you all! If you have any questions, just leave them on the comment box below. And MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone! <3


Bravoe Runway said...

Welcome back! Wii, I am very excited for you as you start fresh in Australia! This is so exciting, are you going to get your Masters? Whatever you choose to do, I am sure you will succeed. I am glad you will keep Creole Fashions up and running and I know your sister will do a fantastic job running it. I love the cosplay costume, you look so happy! I hope my package to you arrives SOON...before you head to Australia. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year if I don't see another post from you. All the best and to you and Mr. Sunshine...may you continue to pick up where you left things!

Little Ms. Fun said...

Glad to have you back girly :) Congrats on the visa going smoothly. That sounds so awesome to study in Australia.

Merry Christmas to you as well!!

Jen Umm said...

this is incred, love the photos
Great post, thanks for sharing!


if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know!

just tututiny said...

Very good news and we are all happy for you! Can't wait until you start your new adventure with awesome pictures as I heard Australia is beautiful! Many good wishes to you and Happy Holidays!

P.S so happy that you are back ;)

There is nothing in this world that is new.. said...

finally you are back! ;)

Merry christmas to you ! :)

Peiyinn said...

Welcome back! You are lucky. I wish to study abroad to Australia. Cute costume for the Christmas party. I don't wear a costume before. I'm sure I will have the chance. :)
Merry Christmas eve. Have a happy day. Don't forget to get enough of rest. :)

Fashion By Alicia said...

Welcome back!! Have a great Christmas and have fun in Australia. So exciting!!

Mr Lonely said...

wow~ congrats that you get approved to Aus~~ envy ler~~~ hope i can be like you ler ~~~ T.T ~~~

songbird said...

i am so happy for you!!all the best for your fresh start down under..and you look so cute in that outfit! i think bessie said everything i wanted to..and merry christmas & happy new year in advance :D

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

A warm welcome back to blogland. I have been wondering.... Glad to hear of the visa approval and that you are now preparing for our Australia study adventure. Warmly hope it bears the fruits you desire. Happy Christmas;-)

Jen said...

Wow, new changes for the new year. Congratulations. Love the pictures. Happy Holidays. <3

Sexy Little Thingsdoupsn

JDC said...

Pretty good costume well done!

Za Lemor said...

welcome back love!!! You were missed!



Mannequins Dream said...

you were gone for ages!! i remember always going to your blog hoping you'd posted something but you hadn't :( but now you have! and omosh lucky you, getting to go to Australia, loveee to go there! make sure you post pictures when you're there! :D Xx

Pop Champagne said...

welcome back and congrats on it all working out for you! hope I will see your posts more in the new year and don't stress too much *hugs*

s2danii. said...

Lucky girl! What a great start to the new year. Best of luck with everything, and keep us updated on your adventures :)

Anonymous said...

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Vee said...

Heya Wii, glad to hear from you =) !!!! I'm super happy for you to be able to go to Australia !! it's amazing !
The photos of your cosplay wont show up =( I don't know if it's a problem from my computer or something =/

I hope you had a great Xmas, that you're gonna have a good New Year and I can't wait to see you back for good =) !!!

lots of love

xxx Vee

Blackswan said...

Australia? Wi, I was hopping u would say it's S'pore. Hahaha! Now u've finally let the cat out of the bag. I left msgs at your FB but didn't see your reply too :< Anyway, I'm so happy for u. Australia's a great place & I know u're gonna enjoy. All the best & keep in touch!

Merry X'mas & Happy 2012 with lots of love from Singapore!
Shirley's Luxury Haven

YeamieWaffles said...

I'm a new follower who's never read your blog before but it's good you're back. The reason for you being off sounds crazy but at least you're back now. I love your style of writing, keep up with the good work!

SassyUptownChic said...

Wi, I missed you so much. I knew it was something big for you to leave. I am very happy for you. You are fulfilling your dreams and I pray that each one comes true. You're a sweetheart and deserve nothing but the best. Please stay in touch! ((HUG))

apieceoftruffle said...

Woww! I happen to stumble on your blog since Im just new into blogging myself. Your going to Australia reminded me of my application for a student exchange program to Lille, France. I got accepted and it was the best feeling ever! However, due to our thesis, i had to cancel my student exchange there. aww. anyway, Im re-applying for the fall semester! I hope i get in again.

Anyway! Have a good year this 2012! YOu'll be in australia!! Im envious!

I cant see the photos you posted, wonder why.

Belated greetings from the Philippines!

Kim (SassyUptownChic) said...

Wi, I changed my blog address. So I wanted to let you know. ((HUG))

PAPS said...

Nice to hear all went after all and got your visa sorted. All the best in Ausie.

Vee said...

Hey dearest Wii =) How you doing ? I hope everything's going ok for you with the moving and stuffs !
When you have a minute or two come over to my blog, I did the Pokemon makeup look of Charmander as you requested =D hehe !!

lots of love

xxx Vee

Jac said...

You have an interesting blog!
Follow ours?

Lizzy said...

Hey Wi!

I missed you alooooot! ;D Glad to hear that your visa problem is sorted out. I love your wig ^^ I can't wait to read more of your updates~ Don't keep us waiting :P haha, just joking, take your time. I'm just too excited to see your next posts! Happy Belated New Year~


k come karolina said...

oh so cool!!! love it!

xoxo from rome

Michelle's Style File said...

Happy New Year!


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