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A Single Girl's Musings

About the Author: 

Hello, My name is Wi, and I'm a chronic red light beater; sees the glass half empty, wishing it was half full; Type A Personality-Procrastinator; gives up easily but has a hard time letting go;
a skeptic and a realist but deep down inside, still believes in one great love. And even though I'm cutting down on sweets, I still love my Pocky and Yanyan ♥ .
What this blog is all about:

This blog is made by me, Wi, to chronicle my thoughts, my feelings and how I view life and love. It's basically all freestyle. It's also a venue for me to post my thoughts,  opinions, and views about social and natural occurrences. Simply put, this one right here is my emotional and psychological dumpster lol.... So enjoy reading my random thoughts, my emotional turmoil, my opinion on anything and everything, and the triumphs I have seized and pitfalls I have battled, conquered and in some instances, lost. Cheers! (^.^)v