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I started blogging solely for expressing all that I have kept bottled up inside me to save me from getting my screws loose.As my readers grew in number, some are so sweet and so kind enough to give me distinctions for my writing. There's no better feeling than having your posts read, appreciated, and recognized by fellow bloggers. And for this, I am so grateful, humbled and truly honoured. I guess I have a good thing going here then, eh? *haha* 

From CarryMel on July 3, 2011

From CarryMel on July 3, 2011
From ~A little bit of pixie dust~ on August 26, 2011

Both from Vanilla and cookies cupcake on August 24, 2011

From hello behel and Ask Erena on August 30, 2011 

From Buttons and Bunnies on September 28, 2011
From Mannequins Dream on October 16, 2011
From flysongbird on October 18, 2011
From Thoughts of a Silent River on October 24, 2011

From SassyUptownChic on September 30, 2011

From SassyUptownChic on October 17, 2011
From flysongbird on October 18, 2011

From flysongbird on October 18, 2011
To all my readers, thank you for the support and for being such avid and loyal followers. In return, I shall do my best to keep y'all amused with my random thoughts and rantings. 

Cheers! (^.^)v

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